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RODEO & REPUNTES Cattle Roundups

These ancient ritual has been held for centuries at Hacienda El Porvenir and Hacienda El Tambo. Considered a patrimonial tradition of the Highlands of Ecuador that is desapearing, el Rodeo and Repuntes are an epic experience for any horseback rider, and probably one of the most intense and beautiful rides one can be involved at.

You can be part of the 6 Day / 6 Night Rodeo General, where almost one thousand cattle and dozens of Chagras ( Andean Cowboys) will gather around the hacienda, after several days of riding our horses to “round” cattle and  bring them to the corrals.

Or you can be part of the Repuntes,  a 3 Day / 2 Night program, held twice a year. A smaller, and more intimate experience, where we “drive” the cattle form one territory of the hacienda to another.



6 Days / 6 Nights

The Rodeo is unique, authentic and exciting. Ride with herds of hundreds of cows and  bravo or fighting bulls is certainly uncommon. If you add to the picture, 40 or 50 Chagras (Andean Cowboys) working, rounding the cattle and reaching the most remote territories of the Hacienda, then the picture becomes sublime. You will become part of the work, riding close to skilful Chagras, work at the corrals, eat, drink and sing next to a warm fire.

2015 dates Rodeo General at Hacienda El Tambo:

  • Rodeo General  January 9th to 13th 2015
  • (arriving February 8)

Price per person: $1639,00



3 Days / 2 Nights

Like the Rodeo General, el Repunte, is an ancient Andean tradition of the haciendas or ranches dedicated to extensive cattle farming. On three days we will gather the bravo cattle ( fighting breed) that are grazing freely on a specific territory of the Hacienda. During the Repunte we will ride approximately 5 hours per day and we will bring the cattle to the corrals were we work branding, separating mother form calves and selecting the bulls that will be sell. Approximately 20 Chagras will join us each day  on the Repunte. At night we will gather next to a fireplace to sing and tell the stories of a hard day of work in the Highlands.  BBQ Dinner.

2015 dates Repuntes de Ganado Bravo at Hacienda El Tambo:

  • Repunte on May
  • Repunte on September

Price per person: $699,69


Price Includes:

  • Accommodation (based on Machai double occupancy)
  • Meals ( All meals form lunch first day to lunch last day)
  • Criollo Horses
  • Guides (Certified English speaking guide and native chagra guide)
  • Riding gear (riding helmets, wool poncho, water poncho, saddle bags and chaps)
  • Transport from and to Quito and within the tour days
  • Safety backup vehicle
  • Entrance fee to Hacienda El Tambo Private Conservation Area
  • Drinks ( Alcoholic and non alcoholic)

Price does not include:

  • Tips
  • Personal items for activities

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