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Rodeo demonstration

Rodeos are an old tradition that have been part of life at Hacienda El Porvenir and Hacienda El Tambo for centuries. Rodeos are an authentic, magical, epic experience, lasting for several days. Vast distances of the farm land are covered on horseback, rounding up wild cattle and bringing it back to the corrals of the hacienda for the arena games.

Tierra del Volcán offers its visitors the chance to join in this unique cultural experience, and ride with the chagras (Andean cowboys), seeing and feeling their traditional lifestyle and work. It is a one-off experience and a true privilege for riders from all over the world who would like to play a part in these special moments, packed with excitement and adrenaline, in the wilds of the high Andes.

The rodeo general is the longest rodeo, lasting for a week, and involves all the cattle of the different parts of the hacienda. Over 50 chagras participate and on some days over 100 riders work shoulder to shoulder to finish the work.

The repuntes are shorter events, entailing only one or two sections of the hacienda. They last for 3 or 4 days and are a closer, more personal experience. As in the larger rodeos, the rides cover dazzling scenery and the arena games are played with the wild cattle from the highlands.

Our programmes can be all-inclusive or tailor-made.

Dates 2010: Hacienda El Tambo

  • Repunte: 20-23 October

Dates 2011: Hacienda El Tambo:

  • Rodeo: 30 January – 6 February
  • Repunte: 5 – 8 May
  • Repunte 20-23 October

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