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These tours have set itineraries and are available all year round and MUST be booked in advance. The best options that can be taken on and around Cotopaxi are included in our all-inclusive tours. You will have a certified bilingual guide, transport, meals, activities, accommodation all packaged and customized so that you can enjoy the trip and forget about the rest! All inclusive Tours aloud you to explore the area on exclusive trails inside the haciendas and reach remote and unique places. Depending on the adventures you would like to do, the days you have available and your personal interests, you can choose from the following programmes:


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    First class descends, riding through exclusive trails designed by mountain bikers and engineers, biking through gravel and dirt roads, make this bike trip a fantastic journey through the heart of the Andes. You will be escorted by mountain biking guides and pampered by our traditional hospitality during the the whole trip.



    A programme designed for mountain lovers. This is the ideal approach for climbers wanting to scale snow-capped peaks but first acclimatize to the altitude.



    Cotopaxi National Park is one of the most visited natural areas in Ecuador due to its amazing scenery, proximity to Quito and status as a national icon.


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