Tierra del Volcán

Why choose Tierra del Volcán?

Tierra del Volcan is the obvious name for the place where we operate. It evokes not only the majestic volcanoes themselves but our commitment to the land where we were born and grew up. Rather than just a place, it is a whole magical destination in a lonely, untouched nook of the Andes. Wherever you look in Tierra del Volcan, you will feel belittled by these giant Andean volcanoes, such as Cotopaxi, Rumiñahui, Sincholagua, Quilindaña, Pasochoa and Antisana, some dormant, others awake. These lords of the heights will assure you an unforgettable adventure by just being in this solitary, enchanting world, where the pure energy is almost palpable. This is a special part of the planet that gets under our skin, humbles us in its grandeur and touches our very spirit.

10 reasons for choosing us:

1. Privileged location: Our area of operations is in the land adjacent to Cotopaxi National Park and within the Condor Bioreserve, in the fragile, little known ecosystem of the páramo. The farms where we stay are in three different regions of outstanding natural beauty, each with its own, complementary ecosystem, surrounded by majestic volcanoes, including Cotopaxi itself, the highest active volcano in the world.

2. Contact with the local culture: Whether just staying with us, horseback riding or walking the paths and trails, you will be come into contact with life as it really is in the Andes. On riding or walking trips, you will be guided by an authentic chagra (Andean cowboy) and be able to learn at first hand about their world, their customs, culture and dreams.

3. Wide variety of adventures and activities: We specialize in ecotourism and adventure in Cotopaxi, providing outstanding tours and unbeatable infrastructure. The adventures we offer span all levels of experience and physical fitness. Ideal for families as our services set out to satisfy all needs. We offer unique horseback rides, Canopy Tour (ziplining), mountain climbing, trekking, mountain biking, birdwatching, fishing, guided visits to Cotopaxi National Park, and plenty of room in the farm house for board games and traditional Ecuadorian games.

4. Safe Adventures: We have the highest safety standards in every activity we offer. Our guides have various national and international certifications (e.g. WFR, riding guides accredited by the World Equestrian Tourism Organization, Red Cross, etc.). Each activity is done with top-of-the-line equipment.

5. Service: Over 13 years’ experience in providing first-rate services. We have received acknowledgements and been recommended in the top travel guide books, specialized tourism press and our visitors’ reviews. Whatever the order of the day, you will feel that you are in good hands, that we listen to you and act on your personal requirements, while giving you as much space as you want.

6. Exclusivity: As the haciendas cover vast expanses of private property, we take you on exclusive routes that no other operators offer. Our expert guides know all the trails and will take you off the beaten track to the most untouched nooks of the Andes.

7. Tailor-made tours: As specialists working exclusively in the Cotopaxi area, we have the knowledge and experience to design a well thought-out programme based on your interests and needs. You can choose either all-inclusive options or independent services and activities.

8. Support for conservation: Over 7,000 hectares of private land under sustainable management and conservation. Each hacienda has its own environmental management plan, defining land use and management as well as animal carrying capacity. We support reforestation and environmental education projects in nearby communities, as well as on the haciendas themselves. We have been working with Fundación Páramo in the protection of the páramo ecosystem since 1992 and also play a part in the work and management of Cotopaxi National Park. Smart Voyager Certification.

9. Travelling with a meaning: For those who would like to leave a mark, one that benefits the planet and the Andean people, we offer the opportunity to do something for the area you visit, while also doing tourist activities. We offer a wide variety of options in our projects for conservation and local education.

10. Working farms: Each of the three farms where our visitors stay is a working farm, growing crops and raising cattle, while at the same time providing a range of tourist pursuits. You can walk around seeing how the cows are milked, the crops are planted and harvested, and how the crack of dawn for us is often not so early for others!


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    “Una estadía en Tierra del Volcán, una hacienda enfocada en aventuras en los Andes en Ecuador, puede ser una de las mejores oportunidades de aventura que puedes elegir para aquellos que buscan afianzar lazos familiares en Sur América”

    (traducido del artículo original)

    Joe Pike.

    Luxury Travel March 2009.

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    A programme designed for mountain lovers. This is the ideal approach for climbers wanting to scale snow-capped peaks but first acclimatize to the altitude.



    Cotopaxi National Park is one of the most visited natural areas in Ecuador due to its amazing scenery, proximity to Quito and status as a national icon.


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