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In Tierra del Volcan, we offer you more than haciendas or adventures. We offer you trips and experiences, moments that will change your way of seeing things and understanding the world.

We firmly believe that travel is all about experiences and that details make the trip.

Each hacienda has resident staff to satisfy all your needs. Most of our staff come from nearby communities and have been trained to offer quality service and experiences, as well as safety standards.
We also have an office in Quito for the sales, planning and coordination of our tours.


To provide friendly, safe, passionate, professional and efficient service to our customers, conducive to the harmonious, all-round growth of our organization, and the welfare and satisfaction of our visitors, intermediaries and employees. On the basis of sustainable development, to earn appropriate financial return for our investors while contributing to the care, protection and management of the environment, along with the social and educational development of the communities within the sphere of our operations. In Tierra del Volcan we have a philosophy of top quality, where the integrated care of nature in paramount in each of our products and services.


To be a group of creative, enthusiastic, enterprising people, committed to Ecuador, the world and nature, who, through their devoted, top-quality work, open up welcoming, comfortable and homely settings to both Ecuadorian and foreign visitors, where we can have vivifying experiences in an atmosphere of good personal relations, peace and freedom, in which contact with nature makes us forget the outside world and connect with our inner universe.



They are the authentic Andean cowboys. Born and raised in the higlands, they hold a distinctive culture deeply related with the horses and cattle, with the landscape and the traditions. Mostly peasants, the Chagras are very appreciated and have become a model to the younger generations. All our rides are led by chagras that will show the riders the skills and will share their knowledge.


We provide certified English and Spanish speaking guides. We also work with native guides from the area where we operate.

Our guides are experienced riders, climbers, bird watchers, anthropologists, and mountain bikers who have excellent knowledge of the local fauna & flora, culture and traditions. All our guides are trained to maintain the highest safety standards. We can provide WFR (Wilderness First Responders) guides with international certificates and Red Cross first aid certified guides.


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    “ Tierra del Volcan está a la vanguardia en el esfuerzo de preservar la cultura tradicional Chagra ”

    (traducido del artículo original)

    Nathan Ward, Transitions Abroad, June 2004

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    First class descends, riding through exclusive trails designed by mountain bikers and engineers, biking through gravel and dirt roads, make this bike trip a fantastic journey through the heart of the Andes. You will be escorted by mountain biking guides and pampered by our traditional hospitality during the the whole trip.



    A programme designed for mountain lovers. This is the ideal approach for climbers wanting to scale snow-capped peaks but first acclimatize to the altitude.



    Cotopaxi National Park is one of the most visited natural areas in Ecuador due to its amazing scenery, proximity to Quito and status as a national icon.


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  • Camino a la cumbre del Cotopaxi

    Reportaje acerca de la travesía a la cumbre del Cotopaxi


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