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“The paramo is an ecosystem, a biome, a landscape, a geographical area, a zone of life, a space of production, a symbol and even a state of climate.” (Hofstede, 2003). There are no easy definitions for such a complex ecosystem. Paramos are normally characterized by their fragile ecosystems that store fresh water. They are known for their high degree of endemic species, (i.e. prevalent only in that area) and for the ingenious way that these species adapt to the extreme conditions of their habitat. Paramos account for 5% of the overall surface area of Ecuador.

Important information:

  • Location: The Park is located on the Provinces of Cotopaxi, Napo y Pichincha. 60 Km South form Quito, Ecuador’s Capital City
  • Area: 33.393 hectares / 82.515 acres
  • Altitude: 3.400 – 5.897 meters / 11.154 – 19.347 Feet
  • Average temperature: 0° -19° Celsius / 32 º – 66.2 º  Fahrenheit
  • Annual rainfall: 500 – 1.500 mm


  • The Park was created in 1975.  It was the second National Park Created in Ecuador, after Galapagos National Park.
  • It has a great Diversity of Andean Ecosystems, and a fascinating geological history, as well as beautiful landscapes and rare species of animals and plants.:
  • Main infrastructure at the park: Visitor Centre, toilette blocks, Climbing Hut (Refugio Jose Ribas), vehicle roads, trails, basic camping sites, basic restaurant and souvenir shop available. Note: there are no means of transport available for hiring inside the park. You will have to come on a tour or with your own vehicle.
  • Main activities you can do within the park: mountain climbing*, mountain biking*, horseback riding*, trekking, camping, bird watching, photography, wildlife observation. Note:* these activities are provided by adventure outfitters. Recommended to book in advance. Mani attractions


  • Cotopaxi Volcano, the highest active volcano on the World. (5.897 m- 19.347 feet)
  • Nearby Volcanoes such as: Rumiñahui (4.712 m- 15.455 ft), Pasochoa (4.200 m-13.776 ft), Sincholagua (4.893 m-16.049 ft), Quilindaña (4.878 m -15.999 ft)
  • Limpiopungo Lake
  • Pucara del Salitre, Inca ruins
  • Santo Domingo Lake
  • Climbing Hut Refugio P. Jose Ribas (4800 m -15.748 ft)
  • Visitor Centre


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    “Principales atractivos de la Avenida de los Volcanes: Parque Nacional Cotopaxi, Hacienda El Porvenir, Aguas termales de Baños, Volcán Chimborazo, Alausí” (Traducido del Inglés) Insight Guides Ecuador and the Galápagos 4ta Edición 2010.
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    First class descends, riding through exclusive trails designed by mountain bikers and engineers, biking through gravel and dirt roads, make this bike trip a fantastic journey through the heart of the Andes. You will be escorted by mountain biking guides and pampered by our traditional hospitality during the the whole trip.



    A programme designed for mountain lovers. This is the ideal approach for climbers wanting to scale snow-capped peaks but first acclimatize to the altitude.



    Cotopaxi National Park is one of the most visited natural areas in Ecuador due to its amazing scenery, proximity to Quito and status as a national icon.


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